Is Marijuana the New (or Old) Treatment Method for Low Libido?

Is Marijuana the New (or Old) Treatment Method for Low Libido?
Is Marijuana the New (or Old) Treatment Method for Low Libido?

A PRESIDE study released in 2006 stated that 38.7 percent of women are affected by low libido.  With such a high percentage of women suffering from this condition, one would think that more effort would be implemented to find a permanent cure.  However, even though there is no cure, there are certain remedies that can be used to boost the libido, thus increasing the sex drive.

Most women know about the many libido increasing solutions that are available, including the use of nonhormonal birth control methods, getting plenty of rest at night, limiting sugar intake, and various hormonal therapies.  One solution that most people haven’t heard about, though, is marijuana.  For those living in states where medical and/or recreational marijuana is legal, it can be extremely advantageous to give marijuana a try for boosting the libido.

It has long been known that marijuana has been used by many cultures as an aphrodisiac.  Cannabis was used within Ayurvedic medicine systems to help loosen inhibitions, increase libido, delay ejaculation and more.  And Egypt and other Middle Eastern cultures have long been using marijuana for sexual purposes.

Some researchers believe that marijuana acts as a libido enhancer because it helps deter stress from a woman’s life, which can prove detrimental on her ability to have strong sexual desires.  Marijuana can help a woman feel more mellow, and not so stressed about the things in her life that would normally cause her to be anxious.

Author of High Culture: Marijuana in the Lives of Americans, William Novak, says,

“Neurochemistry, hormonal systems and brain regions such as the temporal lobe are affected by both marijuana and sexual arousal.”

This coupled with an increased heart rate and positive changes related to blood flow and respiration, are what makes the use of marijuana helpful for increasing the libido.

As with any substance, marijuana should be used in moderation, especially when using it to increase the libido.  And it’s also important to note that it does not work effectively for all women.  Some have such a low tolerance that even one toke will cause them to be extremely high, or in other words, they’ll be sitting on the couch eating a bunch of cookies instead of thinking about sex.  However, then again, some women may find that they need to be ‘really’ high to enjoy the libido increasing effects.

If you would like to use marijuana for the medical purpose of increasing your libido, it’s highly suggested to visit a physician who can write you a prescription.



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