4 Unique Ways for a Woman to Lower Her Chances of Getting an STD

4 Unique Ways for a Woman to Lower Her Chances of Getting an STD

Sex.  The word rolls off the tongue with its own bitter sweet sound.  And unfortunately for many women, their sexual experiences have brought about far more bitter consequences than sweet ones.  According to U.S. News, in the year 2013, about 110 million people in America had some type of sexually transmitted disease (STD).  A few of the more common STDs that were present among the people included in the analysis were HIV, chlamydia, trichomoniasis and hepatitis B.

On the upside, there are several tips that women of all ages can follow to ensure they steer clear of acquiring an STD, and it all starts with using the right protection and avoiding risky sexual encounters.

1. Steer clear of public swimming pools and hot tubs

Public swimming pools and hot tubs are full of nasty elements, and when sexual encounters take place in these places, women are opening their selves up to a whole new world of risks.  There are many diseases that can be contracted when having sex in a public swimming facility.  So because of this, for women who are interested in having sex in the water, it is highly suggested that these sexual experiences be limited to personal swimming pools.

2. Rent a hotel room instead of getting frisky at a nightclub

Alcohol is well known for increasing sexual pleasure, and meeting that special someone at a nightclub becomes very simple after a few drinks have been consumed.  However, instead of ‘getting it on’ within the confines of a nightclub — where there are probably lots of people who have STDs, meaning the bathrooms and other areas are likely to be infected with those people’s saliva and other fluids — it’s smart to move the sexual encounter to a hotel room, preferably a hotel that has at least a 3-star rating.

3. Avoid the stranger who doesn’t want to use a condom

It’s never wise for a woman to have sex with a stranger if he’s not willing to use a condom.  And even if she does know the guy on a personable level, but she’s never seen the results of his STD assessment, then using a condom is still imperative.  Guys who aren’t willing to wear proper protection usually aren’t worth the risks that will be endured.

4. The higher the number of partners, the higher the risk of contracting an STD

A woman who is sexually active with only one to two partners will have a much lower risk of acquiring an STD when compared to a woman who has sex with five to six partners.  For women who are not in a monogamous relationship but still feel the need to satisfy their sexual desires, it should be remembered that there are many alternatives to sexual intercourse to be taken advantage of that can help them live a sexually-fulfilled life.


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