Tips for Dealing with Your Spouse

Tips for Dealing with Your SpouseAfter having a child, many women are stressed out. From having to hold a job, to changing diapers, to keeping the house clean, the duties of a new mother may seem endless. But what may come as a surprise (to men) is women testify that the most stressful part of keeping a family afloat is often the husband himself.

Is there a way for wives to cope with the difficulties that being in a marriage propose, especially when children are involved?  Absolutely, and it starts with assessing the individual family-situation and creating remedies that work effectively according to specific lifestyles.

Evaluate Working Lives

Coping with the stress of raising a family involves assessing the needs and obligations of your husband, so make sure that you’re being fair. If your husband owns and operates a multi-million dollar company that provides services around the clock, then there’s a good chance that he will be needed seven days a week. If, however, he only works three five-hour shifts each week at a local mom-and-pop restaurant, then he should have plenty of time to spend with the family. All in all, being fair (and sensible and reasonable) is the name of the game.

Communication is Key

If your husband doesn’t know that you’re upset with him about a particular situation — or even in general — then there’s no reason for him to assume that something is wrong. Communication is the biggest weapon that you have on your side in terms of keeping your family healthy. If, however, you feel that he doesn’t listen to you when you openly communicate your feelings, wants, needs, and desires with him, then marriage counseling may be of the utmost benefit.

It’s Not Personal

Just because your husband comes home and goes straight to bed every now and again doesn’t mean that you or your kiddos have done something wrong. He’s likely had a bad day at work and just wants to sleep the stress away.  And by the way, getting plenty of sleep is crucial in keeping stress at bay. Then again, if this is a habit that your husband carries out on a regular basis, then you may find it beneficial to have him visit a family physician, because this sounds like a sure-fire symptom of depression, which can absolutely be detrimental to your marriage.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Just because your husband forgot your son’s birthday doesn’t make him a bad person. It simply means he doesn’t have the ability to keep track of important dates in a calendar.  And even with today’s latest smartphones, keeping track of every event isn’t as simple as some people make it out to be.  You need to be forgiving of your husband’s mistakes. After all, you aren’t perfect either, right?


Marriage isn’t simple. In fact, it can be the most difficult thing that you with at times. But the results and gifts that are enjoyed — especially your children — will often far outweigh any negative aspects that you come across. By being level-headed, and most importantly, willing to make it work, your marriage can be the most-complicated-blessing that you ever receive.


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