Effective Dating Tips for People with Genital Herpes

Effective Dating Tips for People with Genital HerpesWith 20 percent of adults in the United States having genital herpes, this means one in every five adults that you come across suffers from the disease. If you happen to be one of these people, then you might be thinking that your dating life is over. And while this STD very well might negatively impact your dating endeavors, there are ways to minimize its effects. Here’s a quick overview of hitting up the dating the scene after learning you have genital herpes.

Always Be Honest

First and foremost, it’s imperative that you be honest with your dating partners. This doesn’t mean that on the first date you need to delve out over dinner that you have herpes. But then again, before any type of sexual encounter takes place, you should make sure you tell the other person you have herpes as well as any other STDs that you may have. Never wait until after having sexual encounters with a person to tell him you have herpes. This can actually get you in legal trouble for not sharing this valuable information. To keep things as simple and ethical as possible, always tell your date before engaging in sexual acts that you have genital herpes.

Follow your Treatment Plan

While there is no cure for herpes, there are many treatment regimens that you can follow to lessen your chances of passing this STD on to your sexual partners. Many people might be perfectly willing to date you as long as they know that you are properly following your treatment plan.

Some Men will Walk Away

Try as you may, there are some men who won’t want to date you because you have herpes. And there are also some men who might want to date you but refuse to engage in a sexual relationship with you. It’s pertinent that you prepare yourself for these scenarios.  If you can handle being in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t want to have sexual encounters with you, then that’s perfectly fine, and this is something that should be discussed between you and your dating partner.

Find a Partner who has Herpes

For most people, finding a person who already has genital herpes usually isn’t at the top of their priority list, and it shouldn’t be at the top of yours either. However, finding a person who has this STD will definitely work in your favor being that you have herpes. There are many online dating sites that easily allow you to connect with dates who have this disease, including PositiveSingles and HSVSingles.

No one plans to contract the genital herpes virus, but for those who do, there is hope. Dating and finding a fulfilling relationship isn’t out of the picture. And with the help of a professional doctor who specializes in treating herpes, outbreaks can be minimized significantly.


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