Anal Intercourse: Seven Important Questions

Anal Intercourse: Seven Important QuestionsYou’ve been looking for a way to spice up your sex life.

Never in a million years did you think you would give into the idea of anal sex, but here you are considering a night of anal pleasure. And now you find yourself asking is it really going to be pleasurable for you? Do STD protection practices still apply the same with anal sex? No matter your questions, there are answers! Here’s a quick look at seven questions you probably have about anal sex:

Is anal sex going to hurt?
Anal sex is going to be much different than vaginal intercourse.  The hole on your anus is probably much smaller than the one on your vagina, so yes, it might be a bit uncomfortable at first.  However, as long as your partner takes it slow and doesn’t force his penis, then anal sex should not hurt.

Should my partner wear protection?
Yes. Just the same as vaginal sex, in order to protect yourself from STDs, your partner should wear protection.

If it hurts the first time, will it hurt the second?
You must keep in mind that any pain endured during anal sex will only occur as a result of your partner being too forceful.  The slower and gentler the two of you take things, the better it will feel.

Is it consider “weird” to have anal sex?
Absolutely not. Anal sex is often something that takes place with couples who are perfectly normal and have been together for numerous years.

Can anal sex make me more closely bonded with my partner?
Yes! As you broaden your sexual activities with your partner, the two of you are more likely to feel an enhanced bond taking place. There are many women who are strictly against anal sex, but if you show your partner that you are willing to try new things, this can greatly improve his sexual preference toward you, which is crucial in making your relationship work.

Will I suffer from anal damage?
When it comes to intercourse of any kind, if you don’t go about it the right way, there is always some type of damage that may be endured. Vaginal sex without any type of lubrication — naturally or synthetically — will lead to micro-tears in the genitalia. The same applies to anal sex. Do keep in mind, though, that the vagina naturally produces lubrication. The anus doesn’t, so you’ll likely need to use a strong lubricant.

If I have anal sex, is this the only type of sex my partner will want?
Maybe, maybe not. All men are different. The anus definitely provides additional tightness that the vagina doesn’t. However, many men still prefer vaginal sex over anus sex.

Having anal sex for the first time can be a bit scary. If you have questions that you would like answered, it’s pertinent to conduct a quick Google search. Or even more valuable is to ask your doctor, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed because there are a surprisingly large number of people who have anal sex, doctors included.


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