6 Things You Never Knew About Breasts!

6 Things You Never Knew About Breasts!All women have breasts. Some might wish that their breasts were larger, but this is where breast implants come into the picture. And then there are those who think their breasts are too large, thus leading us to the always-advantageous breast reduction procedure. No matter the size of your breasts, there’s good news: breast augmentation procedures will be of the utmost benefit to you if you aren’t pleased with the ones you currently have.

Let’s dive into six things all women should know about their boobs.

Nipples can be inverted
Just the same as an innie or outie belly button, some women have innie nipples. The medical term is inverted, and for those who have these types of nipples, it’s usually noticeable from birth. It is important to keep in mind that women who have outie nipples that all of a sudden become inverted should definitely speak with a health care professional.

Nipple sensitivity is quite common
During sexual arousal, the nipples become infused with enhanced blood flow. This often leads to the nipples becoming sensitive, especially after the female comes. On the brightside, within only a few minutes, the sensitivity should subside. For women who undergo breast augmentation, the nipples will be sore for several weeks, possibly months.

Factors that influence nipple size
Some women have large nipples, while others have small ones. The same as fingerprints, no two nipples are the same. The size of the nipples are usually directly correlated with breast size, and the size are often determined by hereditary factors. Other aspects that influence nipple size include body weight, age, menstruation, diet and whether or not a female is pregnant or has been pregnant before.

Preferences of breast size for men
While most men are biologically interested in large breasts, this doesn’t mean a woman has to have huge boobs to land a date.  In fact, most men are more interested in the size of the breasts compared to the woman’s overall body size. Proportion is key.

Breasts orgasms do exist
Some woman, although a small percentage, can achieve an orgasm by having their breasts played with without any other type of sexual activity taking place. These women are able to come because their nipple stimulation is linked to the same part of the brain that clitoral and vaginal stimulation are.

All breasts will sag eventually
No matter who you are, you will get to a point where your breasts sag. The severity of the sagging is influenced by many factors, including age, breast augmentation procedures, the number of kids you have, hormones and genetics.


Breasts. We all have them. If you’re not happy with the ones you have, it’s highly recommended that you speak with a cosmetic surgeon to evaluate the many surgical options that can be performed to have your breasts looking better than ever before.


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