Improving Your Sex Life after Turning 40

Improving Your Sex Life after Turning 40Who Really Wants to Turn 40?

You officially can’t call yourself young anymore. In fact, if anything, all you can say is that you have finally made it over the hill. On the brightside, even though you’re getting older, one area that you don’t have to let your age affect you is in your sex life. Here’s a quick look at six excellent tips for making sure your sex life is better than ever before after turning 40-years-old.

Do a Little Relaxing
When was the last time you took a weekend off and enjoyed yourself?  Whether it be cozying up on the couch all weekend eating ice cream and watching movies or getting a massage, having “me time” is essential to your ability to maintain healthy levels of hormones.  If you’re coming home every day cranky and tired, you’re not going to feel like having sex.  But with a little relaxation every once in a while, you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Go On a Vacation
In addition to “me time,” you’ll need a little “together” time as well.  Taking a vacation with your partner at least once to twice a year will do wonders in terms of reviving your relationship and bringing back the spark.  Just make sure to go on vacations that the two of you will enjoy.  If you hate horseback riding and you plan a trip that involves this activity, you’ll likely not have a very good time.

Visit Your Doctor
You can do everything in the world to have a good sex life after 40, but if your hormones are out of whack, you won’t notice much improvement.  Fortunately, though, by having your hormones tested, a doctor can easily pinpoint whether or not you need to be on hormone medications — pill, creams, injections, etc.

Your Sex Life is Affected by Your Whole Life
If you spend the most of your time with your partner arguing and being disrespectful, then this negativity will make its way into the bedroom.  A good sex life involves being appreciative of one another, and there’s no better way to do this than by putting your partner’s feelings ahead of your own.

Understand Your Medications
As you get older, there’s a higher likelihood that you’ll have to be put on various medications.  From blood pressure medicine to anxiety treatments, your medications very well may be the culprit of low libido.  It’s pertinent that you discuss the side effects of these medicines with your doctor.  If they cause low libido, you’ll benefit from exploring alternative treatment options.

Sex Aids can be Great
By the time you hit 40-years-old, there’s a good chance you’ve probably used a sex aid a few times in your life.  If you haven’t, maybe it’s time that you start.  From creams to lotions to gels and even sex toys, sex aids can enhance your sexual pleasure.  Clitoral stimulators are especially beneficial for speeding up sexual response.


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