A Look Inside Your Vagina

A Look Inside Your VaginaHave you ever given much thought to your vagina?  Seriously, when was the last time that you actually thought about it, or took a good look at it?  According to a study conducted and published by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, more than 50 percent of women don’t have a basic understanding of their genitalia.  Unfortunately, not knowing the ins-and-outs of your private parts can lead to an unhealthy and unsatisfying sex life.  But then again, if you take the time to learn about your vagina, you very well may experience the best sex of your life.

Your Vaginal Walls Get Thinner
During your 20s and 30s, the walls of your vagina are more likely to be much thicker than they are once you hit your 40s.  The cause of the thinning is that while in your 40s your hormone levels generally become out-of-whack.  Estrogen levels start to plummet, thus causing the walls to become thinner.  Some women even complain of intense pain during sex after 40.

If you think your vaginal walls are becoming thinner, you can do a quick self-check at home. Simply take a mirror and spread the lips of your vagina.  If you see that your vagina represents a deep pink color, this means your vagina’s walls are healthy.  If they are a light pink, you most likely are enduring fragile vaginal mucosa, and the best step to take is to see your gynecologist.

Treatments Exist
Fortunately, even if you do notice that your vaginal walls are becoming thin, treatment options are available.  Take for example estrogen tablets that can be inserted into the vagina.  And there’s even a vaginal estrogen ring that you can use — made of rubber or silicone — with either types being left in your vagina for up to three months. Don’t want to take such extreme measures?  That’s perfectly fine.  Instead, you can moisturize your vagina with store bought olive oil.

If you feel or believe that you are suffering from vaginal walls that have become too thin, there’s no reason to fret because help is available.  And by following your gynecologist’s treatment plan, you very well may find that your sexual pleasures are enhanced to the max.


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