Phentermine: Weight Loss with Effects on Sexual Health

Phentermine: Weight Loss with Effects on Sexual Health

One of the most difficult challenges that many women face is losing weight and keeping it off.  Try as they may, even with regular exercise and dieting, the pounds don’t seem to go away. Is there a way for them to lose weight even if they’ve already tried exercise and dieting with no results?  Yes, and it comes in the form of a pill. Phentermine is available in tablet or capsule form, used primarily for weight loss, and the results are usually dramatic and fast.

Phentermine hydrochloride is the active ingredient with a close chemical makeup to that of amphetamines.  Those taking Phentermine report high levels of energy, insomnia, suppressed appetite, rapid weight loss, increased heart rate and more.

Phentermine’s Impact On Sexual Health
Phentermine often impacts sexual health in a negative manner, however, with continued use, the side effects usually subside. Both men and women have reported that their sex drive is greatly decreased when taking Phentermine.  The body goes into a fight or flight mode when on the medicine, meaning it doesn’t relax because it is too busy revving up the metabolism. Being that no relaxation takes place, it makes it difficult to be interested in having sex.

Phentermine causes anxiety as well, and sexual health tends to suffer. The anxiety may cause moodiness, which only adds to the loss of a person’s sex drive. With time, the anxiety and mood swings will likely go away.

One positive way that Phentermine improves a person’s sexual health is that it accomplishes the goal of losing weight, and as a result, this helps boost the person’s self-esteem, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy sex drive.

As with any drug, it is imperative to take Phentermine under the supervision of a professional doctor.  While on the medication, a patient should regularly be seen by the doctor — at least once a month — and thorough testing should be conducted, including blood work and blood pressure checks. Most people on Phentermine can reach their ideal weight in anywhere from one to six months.  This is not a drug that a person stays on for an extended period of time.


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