Understanding Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary SyndromeDo you or does someone you know have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)?

This is a condition where a woman’s hormones are imbalanced and as a result, she can have problems with her menstrual cycle, her periods, and getting pregnant. This is a serious condition which can lead to diabetes or heart disease if left untreated. One in fifteen women experience this condition.

A change in hormone levels will cause PCOS.  Hormones send chemical messages throughout the body. One hormone may create or signal the release of another. The body may release too much androgen for instance, causing ovulation, acne and other problems. In another case, failure to produce enough of the hormone insulin could lead to diabetes.

Symptoms of PCOS include high blood pressure, acne, weight gain or an inability to lose weight, extra facial and body hair, particularly on the back, chest and belly, a thinning of hair on the head, irregular periods, and fertility problems. Little cysts may grow on the ovaries, which is where this condition gets its name.

This condition is hereditary. If women in your family have diabetes or irregular periods then you should consider getting checked for the syndrome. If you even have a few of the one’s listed above see a doctor and share your concern. The condition can easily be treated.


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