The Difficulty with Talking about Sex

The Difficulty with Talking about SexSex largely influences the health of a relationship.

For couples who choose to abstain from sex, this is perfectly fine as long as both parties have came to the same agreement. But for everyone else — the majority who do have sex — it is imperative that both parties be sexually satisfied.  To do this, there may come a few times when a couple needs to sit down and talk about their sexual wants, needs, and desires.

Even though talking about sex is a bit uncomfortable, it’s still important that couples communicate their sexual concerns and wants with one another.  When it comes to talking, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

#1) Don’t talk about sex while having sex.
Sex is meant to be enjoyed!  It’s not a time to have a full-fledged conservation with one another, expressing how so and so could be doing something better. Instead, talking about sex should take place in a private setting with no interruptions, such as while cooking dinner or driving to the grocery store.

#2) It’s not nice to tell someone they aren’t doing something right.
If there is a certain thing that a person isn’t doing correctly in bed, then the other person should point out how the person can do it better. But it’s not okay to pinpoint the person for doing something wrong. This only leads to lowered self-confidence, which decreases sex drive, and it will cause the person to become very frustrated.

#3) Don’t interrupt!
When one party is talking, the other one needs to sit back and listen intently. Sex conversations are usually very personable and deep because a person will be delving into his or her feelings. It’s pertinent that the couple listens to one another and respects the other person’s thoughts and concerns.

If talking about sex with a partner becomes too uncomfortable, there’s always the option to visit a marriage or sex counselor.  This person can mediate the conversations in a way that makes it easier to talk about sex.


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