Insulin Resistance and Menopause

Insulin Resistance and Menopause

Most women are aware of menopause.

they are either going through it, have gone through it, or know that it’s lurking just around the corner. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a painful, drawn-out experience. It’s all about balance, as in finding the perfect balance of hormones, nutrients, and sleep for you body to function at optimal levels. While most women are aware of the estrogen and progesterone hormones and their effects on the body, many women are still in the dark about insulin.

Insulin is actually classified as one of the major hormones – which means that your body can’t even balance estrogen and progesterone without a well-balanced insulin metabolism. Insulin greatly influences your other hormone levels so that your body will be having the worst of the menopause symptoms despite all your efforts if your insulin levels aren’t balanced.

The most common symptoms of menopause include weight gain, hot flashes, fatigue, and irritability. If you are suffering from insulin resistance, that may just be the root of all your menopause symptoms. Insulin resistance means that your body isn’t metabolizing insulin correctly, which increases your chances of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Research shows that women approaching menopause are more prone to developing an intolerance to carbohydrates. When your body doesn’t process carbs correctly, you are likely to gain weight, primarily around your belly, hit sudden sugar crashes, and gain weight easily.

While insulin resistance can be hereditary, it is often closely related to diet to exercise. Moderate exercise and a well-balanced diet low in refined sugars and carbohydrates is necessary for your body to function properly, including your insulin metabolism.

Fortunately, insulin resistance is easily tested through blood tests and easily treated. If you are struggling with menopause symptoms or suspect your body is processing foods differently than it once did, speak to a medical professional today – balanced living is just an appointment away!


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