Stress and Your Sexual Health

Stress and Your Sexual Health

Stress affects your sexual health in many ways.

While the most common issue is a decreased libido, research actually shows the many health benefits to an active, healthy sex life, one of which is decreased levels of stress. The next time you’re too stressed, tired, or distracted to enjoy sexual relations with your partner, think again. It may be just what the doctor ordered!

Stress manifests in various ways. If you’re stress eating, you may be gaining weight, and nothing kills your libido like feeling bad about yourself or your body. Anxiety, exhaustion from disturbed sleep, and irritability caused by stress will all turn you off before you have a chance to be turned on!

While you may be stressing out, there’s a bit of research that points to the health benefits and stress-reducing effects of sex – that is enjoyable, consenting, protected sex. Studies show that having sex regularly boosts your immune system and your body’s ability to fight germs and viruses. Studies also show that having sex actually makes you want to have more sex. Having sex increases blood flow and endorphins that improve your mood and desire to have sex. If you’re struggling with a decreased libido, having sex may actually be the cure.

As you’ve surely heard before, stress increases the risk of heart attack, but what you may not know is that sex is actually shown to decrease the risk of heart attack. Sex improves your heart rate and is also shown to balance levels of estrogen and testosterone. And while stress can throw off your sleep patterns and ability to relax, stress helps you sleep deeply and without interruption.

If you’re struggling with stress or a decreased libido, having more sex may be the answer. But there might actually be an underlying cause, so you should definitely reach out to a professional.


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