Discussing Your Sexual Health

Discussing Your Sexual Health

When it comes to your sexual health, it might be easier to get the information you need online than to reach out to family and friends. The truth is, we hear so much more about the “risks” or “dangers” of sexuality than we do about the pleasures and opportunities. For the overwhelming majority, conversations about sex are still shunned and hushed.

While you should be aware of safe sex practices and the realistic risks involved with sexual experiences, there are many positives as well. Sexual health is important in reducing stress and maintaining healthy relationships with significant others, but many people are too shy to explore all aspects of sexual health. The number one reason people aren’t happy with their sexual life is a lack of communication between sexual partners.

To develop healthy communication between partners there are several things that come into play. Both partners must always maintain a level of respect for each other’s sexuality and sexual rights. Make sure that both of you have access to sexual health information as well. Beyond that, being open to communication can open many doors. Tell your partner what your definition of sexual health is, and ask your partner to share the same. Share the ways that you are able to achieve sexual pleasure and explore what pleases your partner.

Sexual experiences, when practiced safely, are all about having fun and exploring possibilities. Make a game out of finding out more with your partner, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your passions. As long as you keep an open mind, exploring your sexuality with your partner can actually deepen and strengthen your relationship.

To get the conversation started, or to find out more about sexual health, reach out to a professional today!


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