Understanding Menopause

Understanding Menopause

Think you might be going through menopause?

Well, if you’re between the ages of 40 and 60, you probably are. What are the symptoms of menopause? Changes in your menstrual cycle, hot flashes, changes in sleep patterns, decreased libido, hair loss, and mood swings. There are some other symptoms that many people don’t discuss, such as heart palpitations, forgetfulness, and weight gain. The symptoms of menopause are linked to decreased amounts of estrogen and progesterone in your body so it isn’t a surprise that much of it mimics pregnancy symptoms. Remember your adolescence? Fluctuating hormones do all kinds of things to your body!

While menopause is usually sold as the dreaded change, what turns you from a woman to an old lady, it really doesn’t have to be that way. Understanding menopause and your body will ease the transition for you. Sure the symptoms aren’t fun, but are they really that much different from PMS? Also, the more you know, the more that you can do.

There are a lot of ways to curb the symptoms of menopause and ease your body through the transition. First and foremost, make sure the rest of your body is functioning optimally. Set up an appointment to meet with your healthcare provider and get a full check-up.

Once you’re sure your body is up to speed, get in a good amount of exercise every week. Ideally, you walk for an hour a day. If this doesn’t fit into your schedule, do what you can when you can. When it comes to exercise, any amount is better than none at all. Finally, take a multi-vitamin, refrain from sugar and refined carbohydrates, and take in at least a cup of dark green vegetables each day.

Reach out to a professional today to discuss your symptoms of menopause and what you can do to achieve total wellness.


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