How Hormones Drive Your Sex Life

How Hormones Drive Your Sex Life

Ever wonder if your hormones affect the way you think and feel about sex?

Remember your sexual encounters when you were much younger? Well, it wasn’t just inexperience that made your initial sexual encounters so different than your experiences now. Hormones are very closely linked to sexual behavior. As our hormones fluctuate with change, so do our sexual preferences and motivations.

Sexual health is influenced by testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and vasopressin. In most mammals, sex hormones control ability to perform sexually. For humans, sex hormones are one contributor to sexual behavior. Lower levels of testosterone in men cause a decreased libido, just as lower levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease sexual drive in women.

Hormone levels can affect your sex drive in many ways, and sometimes merely as a side effect. For example, hormones potentially impact how you feel about yourself, your self-image, and your body. Research has repeatedly shown that a low self-image causes a decreased sex drive. Hormone levels not only affect your libido, but may actually affect performance by causing vaginal dryness or excess lubrication as well as elasticity.

For men, hormones are responsible for sperm volume and motility as well as sex drive. Interestingly, while testosterone is credited for a vigorous sex drive in men, increased levels of testosterone in women causes a decreased desire to engage in sexual activity with a partner. Research suggests that increased testosterone levels in women do however contribute to an increased desire to masturbate. Research is suggesting that when it comes to the bedroom, issues may not be as personal as they seem.

If you think that you or your partner may be suffering from imbalanced hormones, don’t let it affect your sexual health. Reach out to a professional today. Testing hormone levels is quick and easy, ensuring that you and your partner maintain the sexual experiences you both crave and enjoy.


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