Caffeine & Testosterone: Affecting Your Sex Life?

Caffeine & Testosterone: Affecting Your Sex Life?

Testosterone is found in both males and females, and it is an essential hormone that influences and enhances genital development, muscle formation and more. And while many athletes shun caffeine because they believe it decreases testosterone in the body, studies have shown that it may increase it. But as with any substance, caffeine should be consumed in moderation.

Men tend to produce about 20 times as much testosterone as females, but still yet, this hormone largely influences sexual health in both genders.  In fact, a decrease in testosterone can lead to a lowered sex drive for both males and females.

Studies have been conducted that focused on consuming caffeine supplements about an hour before exercising.  The results concluded that those who didn’t consume the supplements enjoyed an increase in testosterone by 15 percent. However, those who did consume the supplements increased their testosterone levels by a whopping 21 percent.

When it comes to testosterone and caffeine, the effects are different in women than men. In studies, men who drank more caffeine than other men had higher testosterone levels. But when it came to women, the ones who drank less caffeine had higher levels of testosterone.

All in all, women — moreso than men — should limit their caffeine intake. Absolutely no more than 10 8-oz. cups of beverage with caffeine should be consumed on a daily basis.  And it’s also important to watch out for foods that are high in caffeine, such as chocolate.

It’s not only due to lowered testosterone levels that women need to moderate their caffeine consumption. In addition, too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, menstrual disorders, accelerated heart rate, fibrocystic breast disease, insomnia and more. One of the quickest and easiest ways to limit caffeine intake is by cutting out caffeinated coffee and sodas and switching to their decaf counterparts.


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