What Type of Condom Should You Use?

What Type of Condom Should You Use?

Whether you’re having sex with someone new for the first time or you’re enjoying a sexual encounter with your husband for the 1,000th time, it’s always a good idea to break out the condoms.  While many people say that wearing a condom takes away from the pleasure sensation of having sex, there are many others who testify that this type of protection actually enhances sex. The best way to find out which type of condoms you and your partner should be using is by trying several of them and then choosing which ones you like the best. Here’s a quick look at various types of condoms you or your partner should wear next time the two of you have sex.


Back in the olden days, condoms weren’t made out of latex.  Instead, they were made from animal intestines.  There are still some condoms today that are made out of animals, such as lambskin.  Although this provide an ultra sensitive feel, they do not protect against STDs.


Latex condoms are renowned for preventing pregnancy and STDs, and best of all, latex ones can stretch, which is especially beneficial for men who have a large penis.  But it’s important to keep in mind that latex condoms should not be mixed with oil because it could cause the condoms to break or slip off the penis.  This could even result in the condom slipping off while the penis is in your vagina.


There are a variety of condoms on the market that have spermicide on them, with the purpose of killing sperm more effectively than other types.  But do remember when using these condoms that they are more likely to tear, and its also important to note that many women and men have allergic reactions to these type of condoms.


If you’re looking for a way to enjoy an abundance of pleasure, then textured condoms will be perfect.  From dotted to studded to ribbed, these types of condoms make sex all the more enjoyable.

Thin condoms

Condoms come in an assortment of thicknesses.  The thinner, the better the sex will feel, and fortunately, latex condoms that are ultra thin are just as effective as thick ones.

Female condoms

When having sex with your partner, don’t be fooled into thinking that only your partner can wear condoms.  There are condoms that are specifically made for females, and best of all, there are those that are made to give you more feeling and pleasure in your g-spot, which ultimately leads to more orgasms.

Shared Pleasure

Sex should be something that is enjoyed by both you and your partner, so why not use a condom that is made to enhance pleasure for the both of you?  With shared pleasure condoms, both of you are more likely to enjoy an orgasm.


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