4 Adventurous Tips for Better Sex

4 Adventurous Tips for Better Sex

Having great sex is really simple. But having great sex doesn’t always mean the act has to be vanilla. Breaking out of your standard sex routine can make it more fun, more relaxed, and more pleasurable. If you and your partner are bored, looking for a new adventure, or just trying to add a little spice to the bedroom, these four tips will definitely change the way you continue to have sex.

#1 Costumes Really Enhance Your Sex Life
Plenty know firsthand what it’s like to dress up and have sex.  Ask any of them and they are sure to tell you that when it comes to sexual health, having an active sex life is key.  And in regards to spicing things up, a costume can go a long way in shifting from routine sex to sex so good that you’ll want to have it every day.

#2 Wear High Heels
Wearing high heels all throughout the day may make your feet hurt, but when it comes to sex, these types of shoes will elongate your legs and lift up your butt, making many sexual positions feel better than you ever imagined.

#3 Learn Everything You Can About Your Body
The best way to learn what pleases you is by playing with yourself.  After you pinpoint the sexual positions and foreplay activities that you turn you on the most, share them with your partner.  And don’t forget that you’ll want to ask your partner for his sexual activity preferences as well.  Just think about it, the better the two of you can please one another, the healthier your sex life will be.

#4 Foreplay to Sex, Sex to Foreplay
Just because you’ve completed your foreplay session and moved on to intercourse doesn’t mean you can’t switch back to foreplay.  An impending orgasm is always so much better the longer you put off your climax.


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