Newly Dating: First-Time Sex Tips

Newly Dating: First-Time Sex Tips

When it comes to being in an intimate relationship, we all know that the puppy love stage eventually fades away.  Following this phase, we are taken into a long period of time in which everything becomes routine.  In fact, many people stay together regardless of whether or not they love each other because they simply don’t want things to change.  They are too familiar with the way their lives are going — get up, go to work, come home to a partner, eat, shower, go to bed and do it all over again.

For those who get stuck in a rut of routine, they will sometimes choose to split ways.  Actually, there are many reasons as to why couples choose to take a ride through splitsville.  One positive way to look at a split is the fact that a person will get enjoy the pleasure of falling in love with someone else.

If you happen to be starting a relationship with someone new, there are a few things that he will likely want from you.

He’s going to want oral sex
Just about every man alive enjoys oral sex.  In fact, some say that guys prefer oral sex over intercourse.  Although this is probably not one of your favorite sexual activities to take part in, it will make him feel much appreciated.  Still yet, if you don’t feel comfortable giving him oral sex, you should never do it just because you feel pressured.

Be involved
When the two of you find yourselves engaging in intercourse, he’s definitely going to want you to be active.  This means just laying there isn’t going to cut it.  You don’t have to be a “sex freak” or anything, but being open to various positions will be good.

Don’t doubt your body
Just because you might be a few pounds overweight doesn’t mean he doesn’t love your body.  When getting naked with one another, it’s important that the two of you compliment one another.  Don’t feel like you have to hide under the covers or keep the lights off.  Instead, enjoy one another.

Expect the first time to be less than perfect
There are one of two things that will likely take place the first time you have sex with a new partner: it will be either really good or not so good.  The good news is though that with practice, the two of you can have great sex each and every time.  Just remember that during the first time the two of you will be getting to know one another in an intimate way, which can cause performance levels on either end to be a bit less than par.

Don’t call if he doesn’t call you
If he doesn’t call you within a day or two after having sex with you, then this is a good sign that he’s probably not interested in any future dates.  And while this can take an emotional toll on you, your best bet is to leave him alone and move on.  If you can’t handle the emotional part of being intimate with someone and them not calling you back, then it’s best to save sex for relationships that are serious.


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