Are You Really Ready to be Sexually Active?

Are You Really Ready to be Sexually Active?

When it comes to making any decision in life, it’s always best to think it through carefully, and this especially applies when considering whether or not to become sexually active.  In fact, taking the time to ponder on the pros and cons of being sexually active shows a great deal of maturity in a person.

The first thought that should be considered is what the possible consequences — good or bad — are that could occur as a result of choosing to have sex.  Of course some of the positive aspects include sensational feelings of pleasure, the ability to feel really close to someone and even possibly becoming pregnant.  Then again, being close to someone and/or becoming pregnant are not always good things, particularly if the relationship has not been going strong for quite some time.

A few of the negative consequences of having sex include the possibility of contracting an STD, becoming extremely hurt if the relationship ends, and enduring rumors and gossip if the news was to spread that the sexual encounter took place.

Because of the cons, it’s imperative that a couple know each other well before diving into bed together.  Each person’s feelings should be openly discussed, and as always, protection should be used.  The only instance in which it’s okay not to use protection is when both parties know that each other do not have an STD and a pregnancy is not wanted.

It cannot be stressed enough just how pertinent it is to use protection when having sex.  Unless both parties have tested negative for STDs, there’s always the chance that an STD can be contracted.  For women who do not want to become pregnant, using hormonal birth control is an excellent way to prevent pregnancy 99 percent of the time, but still yet, it will not protect against STDs.

To help a person choose whether or not he or she is ready to become sexually active, the following questions should be considered:

  • Have both parties in the relationship discussed their feelings about having sex?
  • Are both parties in agreement that they should or should not have sex?  If a disagreement was to occur, this is a sure indicator that becoming sexually active with one another should not take place.
  • Do both parties know for sure that one another do not have any STDs?
  • Is the thought of becoming sexually active taking place only because of pressure by the other party or friends?  If so, sex should be avoided.
  • Are both parties ready for the emotional attachment that sex brings to a relationship?
  • Are both parties comfortable with being naked in front of each other?
  • Is protection going to be used?  If so, what type(s)?
  • What would happen if a pregnancy was to occur?

Becoming sexually active for the first time only happens once, and it is a crucial decision to make.  You’ll be very happy if you consider it carefully.


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