Is It Safe to Swallow Semen?

Is It Safe to Swallow Semen?

This is a big question, on the minds of many women.

It’s not something you’re likely to ask your doctor, so the question remains.  Many of us know that semen is a natural body fluid that doesn’t carry any harmful bacteria or diseases in a healthy person.  The main purpose of semen is to provide sperm with a nutrient rich and high protein medium to sustain their travel to the ovaries.  In general, sperm does not pose a threat to the digestive tract; they’re neutralized before they reach the stomach, thankfully!

In fact, swallowing semen from a healthy male might be good for you because it’s highly concentrated with a source of protein, minerals, natural sugars and other nutrients.  Fortunately, semen doesn’t contain harmful chemicals!  Its “bleachy” smell comes from traces of chlorine and its alkaline pH.  It’s safe to enter the vagina, so why not the more rugged environments of your mouth and throat?!

Remember, though, swallowing semen from a partner with an STD means you’ll become exposed to the disease/s they carry.  Not good at all!  Unprotected oral sex is risky. Some of the diseases that can be spread through oral sex include: Syphilis, herpes, genital warts, chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Currently, the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex is not determined.  Some experts say there is little to no risk of getting HIV through fellatio and others say there is a possible risk.  Cases of men contracting HIV through oral sex have existed.  This depends on whether there are sores and cuts in the mouth of the person performing.

Sometimes swallowing makes the swallower throw up.  Gross!  It’s true, some people vomit, mainly because their gag reflex is triggered.  It’s helpful to keep in mind that a gag reflex exists as a bodily process to keep itself from choking.  If this reflex is constantly stimulated, a person might begin vomiting involuntarily. Wonderfully, the gag reflex can be controlled with some practice.  So, the lesson learned here is that sometimes swallowing semen can be good for you, but use caution and protection like you would with any other type of sex!



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