Does Sex Get Better the Older You Get?

Does Sex Get Better the Older You Get?

Having sex is not only for the young!

It can be a great tool for improving health and can be a very emotional experience even for couples who have hit their senior years.  Sure, it can be challenging to have sex over the age of 50, but with an open mind and a better understanding, you can continue to have an emotionally and physically fulfilling sex life.  After all, it always has been and will always be more about desire instead of age. Here’s a quick look at few of the benefits you can enjoy when having sex as you get older.

Increase your lifespan and other health benefits
Sex can add many years to your lifespan thanks to its many health -improving benefits.  In fact, if you want, you can incorporate sex into your daily routine and let it substitute as a daily workout.  This can add almost four years to your life.

Sex helps to solidify relationships.  You and your partner, regardless of your age, can express the closeness and affection you share with another through sexual activities.  It’s also through sex that you can improve your mental health because intercourse results in your brain releasing endorphins, which rigorously and effectively reduce anxiety.

Even though sex at an older age may not be the same as when you were young, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.  Your body naturally goes through changes as you age.  If you are able to accept these natural changes, you can adjust your sex life accordingly.  Take for example that as you age you start to endure vaginal dryness.  If this happens, then a simple remedy would be to add some type of lubrication to your sexual encounters.  You might even find that you enjoy sex much better with lubricants, especially those that cause a tingling sensation.

Talking about sex can be sexy
The number one thing to remember in regards to sex and aging is that talking with your partner is key in being able to have a great sex life. Talking about sex can be difficult for some people but once you begin it should get easier.  Make sure to discuss new ideas, always being open and honest.  Letting your partner know what you want and need when it comes to sex can be very attractive because this honesty relaxes your partner and fosters trust.


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