Go Ahead! Have Sex during Your Period!

Go Ahead! Have Sex during Your Period!

It’s perfectly safe to have sex during menstruation.

Some people believe a myth that says it’s dangerous.  That myth basically comes from religious writings. People believed that women were unclean or dirty during their period and sometimes, contact with menstruating women was completely forbidden. There are still some religions that believe and practice this.  But, factoring out religion, and medically speaking, there should be no reason to abstain from sex while you have your period.

Guess what!  Sex during your period can actually help you feel better and lessen symptoms of PMS.  Who wouldn’t want that?  It has been reported by women that having an orgasm has eased their cramps and that a lovely internal massage is caused by orgasmic contractions of the uterus.  In fact, endorphins are released through orgasms. These natural mood lifters and painkillers can help soothe headaches, mild depression and that irritability that sometimes creeps up surrounding the time of menstruation.  Women often enjoy sex more during this time because they feel more full in their genital and pelvic areas, starting-off their arousal.

There is something to take a serious note about, though: It is even more important to practice safe-sex during your period!  Risks of infections and STDs are higher than usual during this time because the cervix opens in order to allow blood to pass.  This makes an easy route for bacteria to travel deeply inside the pelvic cavity. The chances of passing blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV to a partner are higher and you’re more likely to get a yeast or bacterial infection.  This is because during menstruation, the vagina’s pH is less acidic.  Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking there’s absolutely no way you’ll get pregnant during this time. Use contraception!

Maybe you don’t like the thought of having sex during your period at all.  Maybe you’re concerned about making a mess.  Put a towel underneath you if you’re worried about the bedspread.  Or, why don’t you take it to the shower?  It might be an exciting change from the usual routine and will also help wash blood away. Not in the mood for intercourse?  Well, it’s very possible you’re not, but you can still have some amazing benefits of orgasm through masturbation.  It’s even perfectly safe and healthy to enjoy oral sex. It is still very important to practice safely. Use a dental dam, for example.

Often, when “Aunt Flo” pays a visit, you just feel like watching TV marathons in your sweat pants while eating bon bons, chips and ice cream.  Foods like these will worsen cramps and make you more lethargic, which is likely to add to your unpleasant feelings.  You know what, though…some women say they feel sexier and more powerful during this time. Why not see what you can do with those feelings? Your partner won’t be able to resist your heightened and obvious sensuality!


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