Top 4 Most Desired Aspects of Relationships

Top 4 Most Desired Aspects of Relationships

It’s often said that there is almost always one of three things on everyone’s mind: money, love, and health. What is it about love and relationships that fills our minds? It’s natural to want someone to share the ups and downs of life with, but what creates the loving, supportive relationships that are so sought after? We’ve compiled the top 4 aspects healthy, lasting relationships:

Compatibility doesn’t mean you have all the same interests or that you never disagree, it means that you are able to have conversations openly and honestly. You are able to re-set together, sharing similar interests in what you find relaxing.

Sexual Intimacy
Sexual intimacy is extremely important for long-lasting, healthy relationships. This means that each partner is equally satisfied with your sex life. What is satisfactory is different for every individual and couple, but as long as you both share the same idea of what is satisfactory, you’re on the right track.

Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship, and there are many ways partners must be able to trust one another. You must earn the right to be trusted – for your partner to know that you say what you mean and mean what you say. You and your partner must also be able to trust that you can rely on one another, that you will support each other, and pick up the slack when needed.

This may be the most important aspect of a lasting relationship – no companionship can last without mutual respect. Again, this definitely doesn’t mean you agree on everything, it just means that you respect one another, even when you’re upset.

Every relationship goes through highs and lows, but maintaining a healthy long-lasting relationship depends on compatibility as well as both partners’ ability to maintain trust, respect, and satisfactory sexual intimacy. Read more articles by Dr. Mirza on healthy relationships!



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