Plus-Sized Sex: Does Size Really Matter?

Plus-Sized Sex: Does Size Really Matter?

If not, then why is it that so many people think that it does?  Unfortunately, being overweight is seen as society’s worst insult.  Discrimination of overweight people extends beyond the workplace and retailers and into the bedroom.  The misconceptions about physical abilities and sexual desire seem to come from people who stereotype other people’s weight, which are reinforced by Hollywood and the media.

Being that women of all sizes and shapes have sex lives, it is not a physical feat or an accomplishment worthy of patronizing congratulations.

Regardless of your views on being overweight and its effect on sex, it’s important that you realize even some of the heaviest people in the world still enjoy satisfactory sex lives.  Here are a few facts to keep in mind if you’re having sex with someone who is heavy.  Or perhaps you are overweight.  If so, keep these facts in mind.

Bigger women can be on top too
No, you are not going to smother, suffocate, smash, crush, or injure anyone that you are having sex if you are overweight and on top during sex.

Missionary style is not the only position for heavier people
Being heavier may mean you aren’t as flexible but that doesn’t mean there aren’t accommodations for bigger people when having sex.  You and your partner can both help each other find different positions that are fun and easy to achieve.

Just because you are big doesn’t mean you can’t have just as much sex as everyone else
One’s body weight does not dictate the amount of sex he or she can have.  Many people think that women who are thin have more sex than heavier women, but this is not what a 2008 study found when researchers looked into body mass index, age of when people lost their virginity, frequency of partners, and sexual orientation.  It was discovered that 92 percent of women who were on the heavier side had more sexual intercourse with a man opposed to those who had a BMI lower than 25.

Being on the plus size has been proven to make men last longer in the bed
Endurance may be affected by a man’s size, and we’re not talking about the size of his penis.  It was found in a 2010 study that heavier men were able to make intercourse last for an average of 7.3 minutes compared to the smaller men who could barely hold on for 108 seconds.  The reason for the ability in heavier men to last longer during sex is due to the fact that heavier men have higher levels of a sex hormone called female estradiol in their bodies.

No matter your size, you can still enjoy a healthy sex life.  Sure, proper dieting and regular exercise can go a long way in enhancing the sexual pleasures that you have, but still yet, just because you’re overweight, don’t let this deter you from having sexual engagements with your special someone.  It’s perfectly safe and healthy for overweight people to have sex.


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