Uncircumcised: Is Sex Different?

Uncircumcised: Is Sex Different?

When it comes to circumcision, in parts of this country and other developed countries, there are several distinct benefits to being circumcised.  In regards to circumcision affecting your sex life, the CDC is now saying that the benefits outweigh the risks.

It may be more of a task and can be harder to keep an uncircumcised penis clean when compared to a man who is circumcised, like the folds of a woman’s vagina, but most men do a good job at keeping clean below the foreskin.

Some women state that they feel cleaner when being with a man who is circumcised, compared with sleeping with a man who is not.  The less likelihood of catching an infection of being with a man who is circumcised may enhance sexual function in those women.  It is believed that some women may enjoy and experience a boost in sexual pleasure due to the their partners being circumcised because they worry less about STDs.

Does having the foreskin removed really increase pleasure for the woman or man, and is being circumcised really that much cleaner?

Increased risk of infection?
Because moisture can get captured between a man’s foreskin and his penis, this creates an ideal environment for bacteria to breed.  An epidemiologist at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Supriya Mehta, Ph.D. says  “Female sex partners of uncircumcised men are at increased risk of bacterial vaginosis”.  UTI’s, STDs, yeast infections, and notably HIV and HPV, are more prone to be occur in females who have sexual relations with men who are not circumcised.

Sensation and tenderness
Being circumcised does not cause premature ejaculation or erectile trouble in men.  However, circumcision does eliminate half the skin on the penis, meaning a circumcised man is more prone to losing his fine -touch neuroreceptors, which are extremely responsive to gentle touch.   A study conducted at Michigan State University found that the area around a man’s circumcision scar is the most sensitive.

Circumcision causes more pain?
For women who do not lubricate well, being with a man who is circumcised may cause some pain. Men who haven’t been circumcised tend to require much less lubrication to enter into a woman’s vagina because their foreskin is slick.

Is there more pleasure?
There is no one answer to whether or not circumcised or uncircumcised penises provide more pleasure to women.  However, some research states that non circumcised penises can be used as a tool for pleasure. The fact that the foreskin can bunch up at the base when being retracted, this leads to more friction against a woman’s clitoris, thus enhancing pleasure.


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