9 Things Women Should Remember about Sexual Health

9 Things Women Should Remember about Sexual Health

Sometimes it can be hard for women to talk in the open about their sexual and reproductive health. Whether or not women are vocal, it’s important to have knowledge about sexual health. Here are 9 things to remember:

Pap smears are important
There are new guidelines that recommend women ranging from ages 21 to 29, and those over 30, should be receiving a pap smear once every three years, especially if their tests have came back abnormal in the past. If you are over 30 years of age, it is also recommended to receive regular HPV tests.

Your sexual and reproductive health are in your hands
You can learn a lot if you ask questions, so make sure to speak with a medical professional about sexual health, and do lots of research. Don’t forget to write down questions and concerns you may have for your doctor about your sexual health and be sure to communicate about things openly with your partner and friends.

Be honest with your partner and yourself
A key point to satisfaction is being able to vocalize the things that you and your partner like and dislike. This can be done both before and after a intimate session. Be sure to talk about any expectations you have and don’t be afraid to speak the truth about what your heart desires. Also, remember to openly communicate any thoughts or concerns that you have relating to sexual activities.

There is more than one way to protect yourself when it comes to sex
Many women think that birth control pills are the sole remedy for dealing with the pesky menstrual symptoms, such as heavy bleeding, but for some, dealing with the negative side effects of birth control is not worth taking the pills.  Some of the worse side effects include weight gain and/or the development of blood clots. Other options women can look into for protection against pregnancy are IUDs, female condoms, and diaphragms.

Make sure you get tested regularly
African american women are known to contract STDs at higher rates than other races. Still yet, all races should try to make good and responsible decisions about their sex life. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask your potential sex partners for test results, or you could even make going and getting tested a thing you and your partner do together to keep both of your sexual health at its best.

It is normal and healthy to masturbate
The key to exploring your sexual self is to masturbate. Some may think it is strange and weird to partake in masturbation, but it is completely normal and should not be considered taboo. After all, how can you expect someone to know how to please you sexually if you don’t know how to please yourself?

Best way to keep your vagina clean
You may have been told that douching and other methods used to clean your private parts should be performed to keep you fresh, but it’s important that you know that many of these methods aren’t not recommended nor healthy. In fact, douching can throw off your natural PH balance. Keeping this in mind, it is best to clean your vagina with water and unscented soap.

There are more than one way to achieve an orgasm
The National Study of Sexual Health and Behavior released a statement stating when oral sex is combined with various other sex acts, for women, they are more likely to have an orgasm. So don’t be afraid to change your routine up a little, stimulate the clitoris, and add toys to your sex sessions.


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