Top Secrets of the Female Orgasm

Top Secrets of the Female Orgasm

The knowledge of a few secrets relating to the female orgasm can improve the quality of sex for many women. After all, there is much more to achieving an orgasm than just stimulation of the clitoris. It is more complex than you think, and the secret very well may be in the brain.

Women and men have been continuously seeking knowledge related the mysteries of orgasms by adding foreplay, trying interesting positions, and adding new techniques. But when it comes to adding a little spice between the bed sheets, a lot of people are far from knowing what an orgasm is and how to promote multiple ones .

It’s both physical and psychological
Did you know that the sensation of sexual pleasure is obtained from the combinations of psychological signals and sensors? This indicates that orgasm and sexual desire are motivated by the nervous system and the brain, both of which govern the genitals and sex glands. This means that it’s not only physical factors, but psychosocial and psychological factors too that play a large role in achieving orgasm for both women and men through brain activity.

Compared to the sensory aspect of achieving orgasm, previous research has found that activity in the mind truly does play a lead role in satisfaction and orgasmic pleasures.  This indicates that the way a person thinks — especially during sexual encounters — largely influences whether or not an orgasm will take place.

Fantasies play a big role
Through one study, it has been found that ” the orgasmic experience is cognitive-affective, placing the importance of psychosocial determinants.”  The study discovered that many women have no problem with directing their attention on erotic fantasies even when their partners aren’t there.

The journal of Sexologies published a study that stated “Women who think erotic thoughts and focus on body sensations during sex have a higher probability of achieving an orgasm.”

It’s all in your head
Many of the women who were observed in the study did not reach an orgasm, and one of their primary excuses was that they found it difficult to focus their sole attention on present moments when they were having sex with their partner. It is believed that these women concentrated too much on their weight and looks, thus making it hard for them to enjoy the sexual pleasure they were receiving.

The women who were actually able to achieve an orgasm were those who had less stress and more pleasure in their sex lives, meaning they were better able to focus their minds on the sexual encounters they were having.

Age really does play a role
Researchers have stated that when it comes to females achieving orgasm that age is a primary factor.  It has been found that a learning curve does exists when achieving orgasm, and that older women who attended the study showed the ability to achieve an orgasm simpler than women of younger age.

There is hope
It is believed that these new findings can help many women, especially ones who suffer from one or more sexual dysfunctions, including orgasmic disorder, sexual arousal disorder, and low sex desire. With these findings and more research on how women can try to focus on physical sensations, it is hoped that solutions will be found to help women enjoy a higher rate of orgasmic achievement.


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