Love Your Breasts During Sex

Love Your Breasts During Sex

We often speak of breasts, but not always in the sexiest way.  Sometimes the topic comes up and we hear about breast feeding or breast cancer and we forget that they are sex organs. Here are some excellent tips and facts about how we can love our breasts during sex.

Light touch
Have your partner rub their fingers just above the skin on your chest and on your breasts.  This should be done without touching your nipples or coming into direct contact with your body.  The tiny hairs on your body will be teased delightfully as your partner skims your skin gently.

New touch
The nipples get all of the attention, according to Women’s Health, but the areas directly above the nipples (10 o’clock and 2 o’clock) are the most sensitive parts of your breast.  WH says, “the pressure from his tongue will activate a tiny muscle just beneath the surface that flips on your headlights so he can then flick them ever so gently with his tongue.”

Wet touch
Use shower sex that incorporates breast love, according to WH.  Let him put his mouth on your nipple during sex.  Your sense of connection and intimacy are increased with this additional contact point and heightens the pleasure for both involved.

Hard touch
Do the twist!  Ask your partner to grasp your nipple between their fingers and lightly twist it.  You can also do this yourself and let them focus on another part of your body.  It’s slightly kinky and provides another wonderful sensation.

No touch
You can easily enjoy your breasts just by looking at them.  Grab a mirror while you’re having sex and watch how your breasts move, how they sway when you’re on top, and what they look like when you’re lying down.  It’s a huge turn-on for your partner to see.


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