Feminine Hygiene Could Start Smelling Like Peaches

Feminine Hygiene Could Start Smelling Like Peaches

Have you ever wished that your vagina smelled like fruit?

Probably not, but good news is, within the near future, products coming out on the market very well may allow you to target your genital area and leave it smelling like peaches.  Yes, you read that right.  Just like peaches.

The product itself would have the primary purpose of acting as an anti-microbial.  As it works, the scent of peaches is left behind, which serves as an indicator that the medicine is protecting you against a variety of issues, such as yeast infections.

Scientists have found that the normal body produces anywhere from two to three pints of sweat a day.  And although most of the sweat is absorbed into our clothing, for women, whether they realize it or not, many times, those around them can smell the sweat that is absorbed into their undergarments.

Douching was at one time the most popular way to clean the vagina and keep it smelling fresh.  Unfortunately, up until 1953, the country’s most popular brand for douching was Lysol, and it contained cresol, and it was eventually discovered that this chemical could cause both inflammation and burning of the skin in the vaginal area.  Before 1911, this product killed five people and led to a slew of poisonings cases.

Although the new peachy product is not yet on the market, it is safe to assume that it will sell quite well.  Women are always looking for ways to feel fresher ‘down there,’ and if smelling like peaches is an added bonus without any side effects, then it’s no wonder that this product will be one of the hottest feminine hygiene products to ever hit the shelves of retail stores.


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