Are You Looking for Your G-spot?

Are You Looking for Your G-spot?

Are you looking for your G-spot? Of course you are!

If not right this minute, perhaps recently. It’s a common concern and there are step-by-step instructions to help you get there. Many of us are happy to have a ‘normal’ orgasm, but have heard there’s more. That’s where the fabled G-spot enters the picture. Doctors and researchers have agreed that a G-spot (or, a urethral sponge) exists. Like many parts of the body, it’s filled with blood vessels and nerve endings. What they don’t agree on is whether or not the G-spot represents the orgasm of all orgasms. It won’t matter what they say after you’ve discovered the truth. To get there, you have to find it!

“We know something is there − way too many women have had pleasure by stimulating…that area of the vagina,” says Amy Levine, certified sexual educator and founder of “We also know some women ejaculate when there’s pressure applied to the same area.”

Women have vaginas and vulvas that are different.  The extra sensitive nerve endings may be in different locations.  This explains why some women respond positively to certain sexual positions or techniques and others don’t.  The G-spot might be more of a difficult-to-pinpoint zone, and less of an actual spot.

Here are some steps you can take to find your G-spot (after you’re aroused and fully lubricated):

  1. Insert your finger (or your partner’s) in your vagina.
  2. Run your finger along the top wall of your vagina and search for a spot that feels different. It might even feel more pleasurable when you touch that area.
  3. If you find that unique place, stimulate the area as if you’re telling it to “come here”.

The G-spot is often about half way between the vaginal opening and the cervix.  If you don’t think yours is there, try moving closer to either the vaginal opening or the cervix.  One might try finding their G-spot during intercourse.  This can happen when the woman is on top, giving her more freedom to find the right angle.  She can also allow her partner to enter from the rear (or, “doggie-style”), especially with her body angled downward.  While in a missionary position, a woman can squeeze her pelvic floor muscles around her partner’s penis, which also arouses him.  He might angle his body up slightly in order to align pelvic bones and direct his penis to the right in order to stimulate the G-spot.

Sex toys are also a great way to search for the G-spot, and are often designed for that!  So many are looking for or have found the G-spot and others have made products to help you find your way!  While looking for your G-spot can include a lot of fun, don’t get too hung up on the outcome.  Orgasms are subjective experiences– enjoy every moment with your partner and perhaps appreciate even more pleasure once you find that special spot!



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