Wonderful Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

Wonderful Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

Despite people’s reluctance to discuss masturbation, it is the most common form of sexuality.  Research shows that women who masturbate are more likely to be fulfilled in their sex lives, be healthier, have better marriages and are more confident in general.

Guilt and shame have been connected with masturbation for centuries.  Women have generally been socialized to believe that their desires and needs are less important than their partner’s.  Culturally, women feel that the urge to masturbate is wrong–they feel guilt because it’s “taboo”. But, in reality, women who masturbate experience many health benefits. Here are a few:

Physical Benefits

Helps relieve urinary tract infections and prevent cervical infections
Studies show that female masturbation can provide protection against cervical infections because the orgasm opens, or “tents”, the cervix.  Many women with a UTI have reported a desire to masturbate.  It makes sense because masturbating helps relieve pain and flushes out old bacteria from the cervix.

It’s connected with lowering the risk of type-2 diabetes and improved cardiovascular health
This has been shown in a number of studies with women who experienced experienced more orgasms, and generally greater frequency and satisfaction with sex (with or without a partner).

Helps fight insomnia through hormonal and tension release
It can be great for winding down after a stressful day or to fall asleep at night.  Why?  Because dopamine, the “feel-good” hormone, is heightened when anticipating sexual climax.  After climaxing, calming hormones oxytocin and endorphins are released, which helps women sleep.

Increases pelvic floor strength
There are numerous benefits to having a healthy pelvic floor.  During the “plateau” stage of orgasm, the pelvic floor gets a serious workout!  The blood pressure in the clitoris and the muscle tone, heart rate and respirations are all increased.  The uterus “lifts” off the pelvic floor and increases pelvic muscle tension, which strengthens the entire area and a woman’s pleasure.

Emotional/Psychological Benefits

Relieves stress and improves mood
Stress related to not having sex can cause body imbalances.  Masturbation can help women make time for themselves. It helps relieve depressive emotions. Dopamine and epinephrine levels heighten. Both of these hormones are mood-boosters.

Strengthens the relationship with self
Loving, knowing and nurturing oneself on both physical and emotional levels helps one gain confidence and growth through self-awareness.  Knowing what brings pleasure and being able to articulate that is powerfully fulfilling.

Improves the sexual relationship with a partner
It can help meet personal sexual needs that aren’t met by a partner.  Couples have different sex drives and needs.  One can share masturbation with a partner. by witnessing a partner masturbating, one is taught what their partner enjoys–it opens the lines of communication.



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