HIV and Pregnancy: Is It Safe or Not?

HIV and Pregnancy: Is It Safe or Not?

Most people are well aware that HIV is a common disease in the United States.  In fact, a bit more than one million people in the US know they have this disease, with 14 percent being unaware that they have it.  And while many people may think that if a person has HIV, then it’s completely out of the question to have a child, this is a false belief to have.

Understanding HIV

Years ago, people with HIV ended up developing AIDS very quickly, but for the most part, that has changed nowadays.  And gone are the days of having to assume that getting pregnant with HIV will result in passing the disease onto the child.  Advances in medication and technology have turned the tables, making it safe for most women with HIV to have a child without passing on the disease.

Even men who are HIV positive have a process they can send their sperm through called sperm washing.  During this process, the sperm is separated from the seminal fluid.  The sperm itself can then be used through IVF or IUI to impregnate the woman.  Sperm washing has been around for a couple of decades.

Today, men and women who have HIV are finding ways to have sex with HIV-negative partners without passing on the disease to the other partner or to a conceived child.  One way that this is possible is by taking the drug Truvada.  Those who don’t have HIV take this pill every day, and thus they are protected from contracting the disease from their HIV-positive partner.  The only downside to this medication is that it is incredibly expensive, which means good health insurance is a must.  Or the person must be very wealthy.

HIV and Adoption

Some people who are HIV-positive choose to take a different route other than pregnancy to have a child.  The 1990 Americans and Disabilities Act declared that it is illegal to discriminate against people with HIV when it comes to adopting a child.  The best way to find an adoption agency that works well with people who are HIV-positive is to ask others who have went through the process. is an excellent website to use to identify such people and agencies.

It is through online forums and social networking sites that you can start the path to adopting a child.  Even if you don’t have HIV, you can still use these resources.  You could even adopt a child who is HIV-positive but doesn’t have any parents.  The important thing to keep in mind is that being HIV-positive and having children is a completely safe and responsible choice to make.



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