2014: The Year for Understanding Female Orgasms

2014: The Year for Understanding Female Orgasms

There have been endless years of research and myths directly associated with female sexuality.  What is it that women want?  Do they enjoy casual sex?  Do they like sex as much as men?  These questions most definitely have answers, but they seem to change from one year to the next. So, the question is, what are the newest findings related to women sexuality?

First of all, it has been found that — and it was always safe to assume — that women who are constantly around other men tend to have more sex.  Why is this?  It’s because men who have women who around other men regularly feel as if there is a need to compete, aka “sperm competition.”

A study published in the Evolutionary Psychology also found that women usually prefer quality or quantity.  For those who have a preference for quality, they tend to be much more selective in the men they choose to sleep with.  The study involved 54 females who were in college, and it was discovered that they enjoyed better sex with men who had a sense of humor, were wealthy and self-confident.  And it was especially beneficial to those with funny partners because these women initiated more sex than those who didn’t have humorous partners.

A survey conducted by LoveHoney stated that age doesn’t necessarily play a part in when a woman will have the best sex of her life.  It’s most recent survey indicated that 26 was a good age, but still yet, 46 percent of respondents said that they were having the best sex ever irrespective of their ages.

On a closing note, The Journal of Sexual Medicine has made it abundantly clear that being a lesbian is the best way to enjoy a great sex life.  78.4 of women who are lesbian report having an orgasm at least 50 percent of the time each time they have sex.  Only 59 percent of women who are straight make this same claim.  And when it comes to sexual engagements, lesbians tend to last much longer than straight women, with a normal sexual encounter lasting an average of 57 minutes.

Do keep in mind that any healthy sexual relationship involves knowing your own body, good communication with your partner, and of course…clitoral stimulation! Figure out what you want and communicate it with your partner.


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