The Truth about Female Ejaculation

The Truth about Female Ejaculation

It’s not just for the adult entertainment industry and it’s more real than you probably think!  Female ejaculation refers to a watery fluid that comes from the G-spot, and is secreted by the Skenes/Paraurethral glands through the urethra before and/or during an orgasm.  Fluid that is released is not urine. It’s female ejaculate–it comes from the ducts around the urethra, not the bladder.  Some confuse female ejaculate with urine because it can travel back up into the bladder (retrograde ejaculation).  Sometimes it mixes with urine or shares some of the same properties, but it’s definitely not urine.

Female ejaculate is different from normal vaginal fluid.  While normal fluid can vary in taste, color, consistency and smell, depending on hormonal levels, food intake, the menstrual cycle, etc., female ejaculate is pretty consistent.  It’s sweet smelling and watery, not like the usual fluid one sees when a woman is sexually aroused and wet or has an orgasm.

What’s the cause?

The G-spot becomes enlarged during sexual arousal and the urethra becomes engorged with blood.  The Skenes/Paraurethral glands begin to produce/fill with fluid.  Rhythmic pressure from toys, a penis, fingers, or the contractions of an orgasm push fluid out through the urethral opening, which causes ejaculation.  The average amount of ejaculate coming from a woman is around 2 tablespoons, but it varies. It depends on how much the woman pushes while ejaculating and her hydration level.

Can all women ejaculate?

Short answer: yes.  All women have the glands for it, so they are capable of producing this fluid and achieving female ejaculation.  Actually, many women do experience female ejaculation during sex, but don’t know it’s happening and cut the experience short because they’re afraid they’ll urinate on their partner.  When women are fearful of this, it leads to clenching down the PC muscles, keeping fluid from coming out.  The release of ejaculate is prevented from the inability of a woman to relax and bare down and push.  This could be from inhibitions related to sexuality, not being in touch with one’s own body, lack of compatibility with a partner, embarrassment, stress and other factors.

How to ejaculate

Don’t try too hard!  Make it as stress free as possible for you and your partner. Tips:

Strengthen your PC Muscles
When you can contract and release your PC muscle it will help you.

Add clitoral stimulation to G-spot stimulation
This helps increase levels of arousal.

Locate your G-spot
It’ll be much easier to locate after the first orgasm.

Urinate before sex
Doing this will help reduce anxiety about peeing during sex.

Push when you feel you’re about to have an orgasm
Don’t clench tight. Doing this will help force out any built up fluid from the Skenes/Paraurethral glands.  Don’t stop pushing!  The orgasm will be intense and pleasurable.

Get advice from a sex therapist or counselor
Maybe there’s something else keeping you from experiencing your sexual desires. Well?


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