Liposuction and How It Affects Your Sex Life

Liposuction and How It Affects Your Sex Life

If you have had liposuction, or if you are thinking about undergoing liposuction, you are probably wondering how the procedure affects your sex life. It’s important that you realize no matter your age, and no matter the amount of fat you have removed, there will be an extended period of time in which you go through recovery.

Always Consult with an Experienced Surgeon

Before you jump on the liposuction bandwagon, you will first need to consult with a surgeon.  During your first consultation, you and your doctor will discuss your goals, talk about the risks and benefits related to the surgery, and of course the cost.  You should consult with a few surgeons before making your final decision.

After your first consult, you will then make your pre-op appointment.  At this doctor’s visit you will discuss if you have any allergies as well as talk about the current medications you are taking.  You will be informed of the vitamins and medicines you should restrain from taking and ones that it is okay to consume.

During your pre-op appointment, you will also set up your surgery date.  Since liposuction is an outpatient procedure, you won’t have to stay in the surgery facility overnight.  Some people who undergo liposuction return to work, and they are able to resume normal activities in around two weeks or so.  It is important to note that you will experience bruising, soreness and swelling in the beginning of your recovery.

Understanding how lipo affects sex

After the procedure, thinking about sex probably isn’t going to be the first thing on your mind. As you recover, you will notice your body slowly changing, and you won’t likely see your final results for around six months after your surgery.

As time goes by, you will start to feel more comfortable with your body, and you’ll likely become very excited about the new shape your body is taking on. It’s at this time that you can start shopping for new clothes, embracing and showing off your new shape.

When you first start having sex again, you will more than likely want partner to take it slow and be gentle. Your body will let you know what positions will feel the best and which ones to avoid.

Here are some of the body parts that might be most sore when engaging in sex:

  • Flanks; aka love handles, located on the lower back area
  • Lower and upper abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Inner and outer thighs; this one mainly because this is where most of your swelling will occur due to gravity

Your body knows you the best, so make sure you listen to it when having sex after liposuction. If a certain position was to hurt or feel uncomfortable, make sure to try a different one. Most importantly, enjoy your new shape!


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