The Benefits of Sex Class with Your Partner

The Benefits of Sex Class with Your Partner

The Benefits of Sex Class with Your Partner

Have you ever taken an adult sex class?  If not, you are in for quite a surprise because sex classes nowadays are not like the ordinary Sex ED class that you took in high school.

Sex classes are taught by sex educators who have in-depth knowledge about many topics relating to sex.  If you are wanting to learn a few tricks and tips on how to spice things up in the bedroom, then it would definitely be a great idea to look into finding a sex class in your local area.  One of the best ways to locate a sex class is by calling your health department.  A person working at the center should be able to direct you toward your sex class options.

It’s important to note that some of the classes that are offered may have rather risqué names like:

  • “Think outside the box” (Pleasure Chest stores in New York)
  • ” The Art of the Blowjob” (offered at Babeland stores in Seattle and New York).

But don’t let their names deter you from joining.  Here are a few reasons that may intrigue you to look into joining a class.

Sex is fun
Sex classes teach you interesting new sexual techniques and positions, including mouth-and-hand combinations that you won’t be able to resist trying.  The far most important and underlying message you should get from the class is that sex should be fun for both parties.  Even if a technique or move doesn’t quite work out like you think it should, or it feels awkward, you can still walk away knowing that you spent valuable time with your special someone.  Better yet, you can move onto a different position that works better for the two of you.

Interesting tips and tricks
If you’ve never attended a lecture at a sex class, you’ve probably never thought about the different ways that a vibrator can be incorporated into oral sex.  Take for example that you’re giving oral sex to your partner and your jaw starts to lock up.  You can  press the vibrator against your cheek for massaging purposes.  Make sure to use this trick plus the many more that you will learn to spice things up in the bedroom and make your next session very interesting.

Communication is key
Have you ever thought about having a sex date with your significant other but not having sex on the date? Sounds odd, doesn’t it?   But in all actuality, this can be very beneficial to your relationship, especially in terms of bettering your communication skills in regards to your sexual desires, fantasies, and the various things you are curious about.  Sex isn’t always the easiest thing to talk about, but they even have classes for that!

Pushing your boundaries
Sex is meant to be an adventure, so it’s time to try out some of those fantasies you’ve always thought about.  Being open with your partner and being able to sit in a public room in a safe and comfortable place with your partner can prove to be of the utmost value.  You and others attending can freely discuss your sexual desires, and you’ll likely see that you aren’t alone with the fantasies that you have.


Whether you’re looking for basic or in-depth knowledge on sex, taking a sex class is the perfect solution.  Please note that sex classes come in many forms — those teaching sexual positions, those talking about body parts, etc. — so make sure to choose one that you are most interested in.


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