Are You Going through a Sex Dry Spell?

Are You Going through a Sex Dry Spell?

Are You Going through a Sex Dry Spell?

Did you know that the lack of sex can actually affect your body?!  This is very true, and even Victoria’s Secret models go through dry spells.  Miranda Kerr — one of Victoria’s Secret’s most popular models — states that a lack of sex for her causes her body to be less toned in the stomach and arm areas, especially compared to when she has lots of sex.

Does less sex really affect the body?  

Going through dry spells can affect the body, but it’s not likely that you are going to be less toned, unless of course you are normally accustomed to having vigorous sex at least one to three times every day.

Frequent sex activity increases blood flow in lower body, which can in fact increase elasticity and lubrication, so if you are going through a dry spell, then you probably won’t be enjoying any of these benefits.

Dry spells can happen for many reasons, but for most people, they don’t willingly choose to skip out on sex completely.  If you are going through a dry spell, it’s imperative that you pinpoint the root cause and then look for a solution.  Perhaps your partner works far away and stays gone for several weeks at a time.  If this is the case, then you could always throw in masturbation a couple of times a week, which to your body, is the just the same as long as an orgasm is achieved. Here are a few other tips for making sure your dry spell becomes wet again (pun intended).

Be dedicated to take action
When you start your journey to end a dry spell, you need to commit to take action.  Action can range from reading a book to following the tips listed in this article.  The important thing is that you see the problem, look for a solution, and don’t stop until the solution has been implemented.

Communication is the key
You should always do your best to promote open communication between you and your partner.  It’s imperative that the two of you try to make sure both are on the same page about each other’s wants, needs and goals.  If you do this, then you sex life will improve and it can make a big difference in ending your dry spell.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone
Many times, finding yourself in a dry spell is caused by you and your partner being in a sexual rut.  When this happens ,it simply means that you and your partner need to spice things up in the bedroom and step out of your comfort zone a little.  It will be well worth it in the long run. Spicing things up can include anything from talking dirty to one another or taking a sex class.

Dress up and seduce him
Another way to spice things up and get out of a dry spell is by dressing up in sexy outfits and seducing your partner.  This will drive him wild and the pleasure you get from him not being able to keep his hands off of you will help your sexual confidence to soar through the roof.

Try to spice things up
The missionary position is great, but when it comes to spicing things up, use your imagination and try out new positions. There are many books and other resources out there that can help you think of new and exciting positions to use in the bedroom.  In fact, with a quick online search, you’ll learn about positions that you never even knew existed.

Go to a sex shop
Have you ever thought about using toys? Did you know that toys can add a lot of spice to the bedroom and make things interesting for both partners?  There are many types of products out there that do different things for certain parts of the body. Experiment with them and find out what you like.


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