Busiprone Anxiety Medicine & Sexual Function

Busiprone Anxiety Medicine & Sexual Function

Busiprone Anxiety Medicine & Sexual Function

Buspirone, also known as BuSpar, is a prescription medicine prescribed to those who have symptoms of anxiety, irritability, dizziness, fear and/or tension.  This medication works by by changing chemicals in the brain that are unbalanced.  Buspirone is also prescribed to those who have a low libido.

As with any type of medication, there are side effects to be expected when taking Buspirone. It’s important that you be aware of these side effects and discuss these things with your doctor before taking Buspirone, regardless of the reason you have been prescribed it.

While taking BuSpar, certain side effects may occur that affect your sexual desire and function. Fortunately, though, this medicine is on the list of the lowest rated anxiety medication that causes sexual side effects.

According to Whole Health Chicago, some women take BuSpar along with one or more libido enhancing medications to enhance their sex drive.   Studies have indicated that Buspirone can reverse a decreased sex drive and orgasmic dysfunction that occurred in some patients taking SSRIs, aka anti-depressants.

Normal Dosage of BuSpar

BuSpar is taken daily, and those who are taking it as treatment for a sexual dysfunction tend to take the same amount as if they were taking it for anxiety.  The dosage can vary from 15mg – 60mg a day.

If you are looking for a medication to treat anxiety and a low sex drive, then BuSpar is definitely worth talking to your doctor about.  Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety but you do have a low sex drive, BuSpar can still be of help.

Please be aware that the exact side effects that occur in your body from taking Buspirone will be impacted by your health and daily habits.  Take for example that you consume more than five alcoholic drinks on a daily basis.  If this is the case, then the beneficial sexual side effects of Buspirone may not be as prominent as they would be if you weren’t such a heavy drinker.

When speaking with your physician about taking BuSpar, it’s imperative to be honest about your daily habits as this will go a long way in making sure the right medication is prescribed.


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