The Rare Struggle of Spontaneous Orgasms

The Rare Struggle of Spontaneous Orgasms

For some, having an orgasm is rare.

It’s frustrating. One might view the other end of the spectrum and think they would rather experience that, but in this case the grass is not greener. There are women who experience what is known as a “spontaneous orgasm.” This complicates greatly life as some experience this in public sometimes. It might seem appealing if it hasn’t happened to you, but everyday life activities do get complicated. There are different types of spontaneous orgasms that are important to understand.

Spontaneous Orgasms
There’s not an official classification for this type of orgasm, yet they are called “spontaneous orgasms” by medical experts. This condition can be very humiliating for women, as an orgasm can be provoked by a lot, including sleeping (“wet dreams”) or seemingly random events in public. Spontaneous orgasms are somewhat of a mystery, but women who experience them are occasionally advised to try to identify what triggers the orgasms and speak with a therapist to process their experiences. Anesthetizing gels can be used on the skin to try to prevent orgasms as a possible treatment.

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD)
PGAD is not as exciting as it seems on paper.  It is embarrassing for many women and very uncomfortable. Aching and swelling that goes away after climax is associated with PGAD. Sometimes arousal persists for weeks at a time and even an orgasm doesn’t provide lasting relief.  It’s not possible for women with PGAD to take part in daily activities such as athletics and work. Sometimes women are given prescriptions for medications that make them less sensitive in their clitoris and labia. Nerve blockers and antidepressants are used for this purpose. Anesthetizing gels are an option as well.

Erotic orgasms
Thoughts of an erotic nature bring on these types of orgasms. So, even without physical stimulation, a woman will have an orgasm prompted by her thoughts alone. Sometimes counseling is an option for women experiencing erotic orgasms, or the use of numbing gels. Overall, these are the easiest type of orgasms to treat.

It’s important for women to visit a doctor when they experience spontaneous orgasms. There are ways to get back on track toward a quality of life that includes not having to fear just being in public and carrying on with a normal routine.




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