Women Do Fake Orgasms

Women Do Fake Orgasms

Just because you’ve had sex doesn’t mean you’ve experienced an orgasm. In fact, it is predicted that ninety five percent of women that have had a child have never had a orgasm from penetration. This means that a man’s penis has never been enough to make them orgasm!  Many men would swear up and down this isn’t true. Most of them would instead insist that they have given an orgasm to most women they have had intercourse with. But truth is, women are very good at faking orgasms.

Unlike men, who try to delay their ejaculations, most women have to drive it to happen. This is what makes a woman’s orgasm entirely different than a man’s orgasm.

Many women fake orgasms without having discussions or ever learning about it. Instead, they choose to fake them for the four primary reasons:

  • To protect their partners’ confidence and pride
  • To help the men continue to feel self-assured for future sexual engagements
  • To make their partners think they are sexually climaxed
  • Make the men feel like they are a doing good job and able to satisfy her

Why is it so difficult for a woman to orgasm?  The female erection and orgasm are far more complicated than a man’s, so it comes as no surprise that many women can’t reach an orgasm through the act of penetration, and this especially applies if a man is not familiar with the female genitalia area.

Foreplay is extremely important for a woman in regards to achieving an orgasm. Unlike a man who gets excited and can achieve an erection simply by a thought or memory, sight or sound, women tend to need actual stimulation through touch, specifically on the clitoris.

Even if a woman knows she won’t be satisfied during sex, or the sex simply isn’t any good, she is still likely to pretend and fake the orgasm to make the man think that the sex is satisfactory. Some women prefer that instead of breaking a man’s sexual confidence, that she’ll pretend his penis is too intense or big in order to get an orgasm.

Only the woman herself knows whether or not she has reached an orgasm. Men may never know if their sex is good enough, even though their women may act like it’s the best thing in the world.


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