Is a Designer Vagina For You?

Is a Designer Vagina For You?

Women tend to like designer objects. Purses, shoes, jewelry. But what about a designer vagina?

Labiaplasty is a very popular procedure, especially in the UK. Data concludes that this procedure has “risen fivefold in the NHS in the past ten years.” In 2010 alone, about 2,000 designer vagina surgeries were performed.

Not just anyone can get a designer vagina. There must be an obvious abnormality before a surgeon will perform the procedure. In some instances, if there is no abnormality but pain is being experienced due to an issue that the surgery can fix, a surgeon will do a labiaplasty.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists released a report last year stating that labiaplasty has risen in popularity due to pornography. Women who watch pornography often see modified images of a female’s vagina, thus causing them to change their perception on what a vagina is supposed to look like; this leads them to believe that their own genitals need to look better.

The procedure normally costs a bit above $6,000. Many doctors take a unique approach to identification of patients who are a good fit for labiaplasty. Instead of performing the procedure on just anyone who has an abnormality and the money for the procedure, they will assess their patients to make sure no psychological counseling is needed. If counseling is needed, it is usually carried out both before and after the surgery.

If you feel uncomfortable with the way your genital area looks, you may want to consider labiaplasty. Do keep in mind that results are not guaranteed, however, most people who have the surgery performed testify they love their results and the self-esteem boost that it gives them.



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