5 Misconceptions about Getting Pregnant

5 Misconceptions about Getting Pregnant

If you’re having sex, whether you are or are not trying to get pregnant, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding the use of protection and what factors can and cannot lead to pregnancy. It’s important to know the facts and filter out the old wives tales. Here are five common misconceptions about getting pregnant. Remember, the false statements are bolded!

1) If my partner wears a tighter condom, it will provide more protection
If a condom is worn too tightly, it is more likely to break during intercourse, which can lead to pregnancy.

2)You should take your pill at the same time every day to prevent pregnancy
Unless you are taking the progestin-only pill, this assumption is false.

3) As soon as I take my pill, I am protected from pregnancy
It can take up to one whole menstrual cycle, or a whole month, for contraceptives to start working with your body’s natural hormones to hinder ovulation.

4) If you breastfeed, you can’t get pregnant
When a woman breastfeeds, she should also take a back up birth control because although breastfeeding can postpone ovulation, it  does not guarantee you are risk-free from pregnancy.

5) The first time you have intercourse, you can’t get pregnant
No matter how many times you have sex, a woman’s chance of pregnancy is 1 out of 20, so even if it’s your first time having intercourse, you can still get pregnant.

Bonus False Fact! If I don’t have an orgasm, then I can’t get pregnant
Unlike men, women do not have to ejaculate or have an orgasm to reproduce.


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