Pain During Sex is a Sensitive Issue

Pain During Sex is a Sensitive Issue

Sex is a steamy topic.

We often make love in order to let go and be intimate with another. We hope to become aroused, get to know our body and our lover’s each time.  Overall, the feelings surrounding sexual intercourse are positive and…sexy! But, sometimes this is not the case.  Unfortunately, there are a few reasons women might experience pain or discomfort during sex. Some common times when this happens are during pregnancy, menopause and instances of hormonal change. A few reasons that women are in pain during sex include vaginal dryness, infections and injury, vaginismus, and other issues.

Vaginal dryness is a very common reason that women experience painful sex. Certain medication including psychotropics, contraceptives and allergy medicines cause vaginal skin to become dry. If medications are a problem, speaking with a doctor for a change can be helpful.  Around the time of menopause, women experience dryness when their vaginal lining loses moisture, causing itchiness and pain.  Extra, prolonged foreplay can help naturally lubricate the vagina, as well as water-soluble lubricants.

One of the root causes of pain during sex is vaginal infection. Yeast and fungal infections cause burning sensations, itching and dryness of the vagina. When a woman is penetrated deeply and her cervix is reached it can be very painful if there is a cervical infection. A cervical infection is something your doctor should definitely attend to. There are creams that can be helpful that are sold over-the-counter for fungal infections.

Sometimes a woman will experience a tear in her vagina during childbirth. This might happen naturally or after an episiotomy, which is a surgical cut that is made before a she delivers. It’s wise to wait to have sex until the doctor says it’s okay. A woman’vagina is often more dry afer she gives birth because her estrogen levels are lower. Letting it heal down there is best.

Vaginismus is a condition women experience that can occur after a traumatic event, surgery, menopause or another medical condition. The vagina blocks any effort of penetration as it goes into a spasm. Some therapies such as Botox for muscle relaxation, psychotherapy for couples, and other relaxation methods can be helpful.

There are additional problems women may experience that cause them to have pain during sex such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, certain STDs and pelvic inflammatory diseases.  Medical help is needed for these conditions, so talking with your doctor, or finding one, is important. Hopefully, during a visit with a doctor or with use of this information, needed help will be found in order to experience one of life’s greatest pleasures as it should be.



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