Common Sex Mistakes Women Make

Common Sex Mistakes Women Make

Sometimes women are just as ‘guilty’ as men in the bedroom. It’s easy enough to pin in all on the man and say that he just doesn’t understand the female body. Well, it might not be easy, but it happens and we end up blaming the other sex for things not going as planned.  Top relationship and sex experts say that women are making some blunders of their own.  Here are the common sex mistakes women make:

Not initiating sex
Many women feel as if they need to be ladylike and not assert themselves. As if it will seem too aggressive. Failing to initiate sex is one of the top mistakes women make according to Les Parrot, professor of psychology at Seattle Pacific University. Many guys feel like they’re always the ones to initiate and it creates an imbalance in the relationship where passion is concerned. Make it a point to seem interested and make the first move once in awhile.

Worrying about your appearance
You’re decreasing your chance of having an orgasm when you’re worried about anything during sex.  It’s not sexy when you’re obviously concerned about your stomach or how your makeup is applied.  An evolutionary explanation reports that men are (unconsciously) looking for women who are able to bear healthy babies.  That obviously doesn’t mean they’re looking to have babies with you.  But, throw aside your worries about your hip size and belly fat and be in the moment with him.

Assuming that men think of sex as casual
It’s a common myth that sex is just sex for men.  Sex is very meaningful and important for a lot of men. Let go of those old fashioned beliefs and treat your partner as an equal in bed, and everywhere for that matter.  Men and women aren’t always so different.

Thinking he’ll always be ready to go
Men are not the same as teenage boys (who are more frequently ready and willing).  There are a lot of responsibilities in an adult life — work, family and other activities.  This can be tiring and affect a man’s libido.  Many women take this personally, and it’s a big mistake to make which causes unnecessary emotional upset for both involved.

Not guiding him
Having a fulfilling sexual relationship means communication. It’s important for your lover to know what he’s doing right, what might be improved and what’s not feeling sexy at all.  Most men really want to please women.

Becoming upset about trying new things
Women tend to take it personally if a man suggests something new in the bedroom.  But, it’s normal to have that desire, especially when you’ve been together for awhile.  Of course, you have every right to say no to something that violates your boundaries.  Try to be open and ask yourself why you don’t want to try something new.  If it’s because you’re taking the request personally, you might feel better if you work on that, and he will, too.


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