Does Wearing Red Make Other Women Guard Their Men?

Does Wearing Red Make Other Women Guard Their Men?

How does the color of a dress have so much affect on women? The University of Rochester, along with Collaborators from the Trnava University in Slovakia, seem to think that a woman wearing the color red makes other women want to wildly guard their men.

The study finds that females who were shown photos of other women dressed in red leaped to the conclusion that the woman would be a sexual threat, reporting from three experiments. Females were shown photos of women wearing both white and red dresses then in green versus red shirts. The women reported that when seeing other women wearing the color red, a cue was sent to their brains that they should guard their mates. Some women think that a woman wearing red gives off the perception of being a romantic competitor. It aids in making sense of other women’s behavior when women wearing red receive the cold shoulder.

Also in the study, the first experiment focused on women assessing other women in terms of  “how interested in sex is she?” or “how seductive is she?” The participating women stated that the woman wearing red compared to the woman wearing white was “more open to sexual encounters.”

In the second experiment, the goal was to see if women were more apt to make negative comments about the woman wearing red. It was found that when asking two subjects about how faithful a woman is, participants again made derogatory suggestions toward the woman wearing the red dress compared to the woman wearing the white dress.

During the third part of the study, to switch things up, the color was swapped from white to green, to rule out any precipitancy of the color white, which is often associated with purity and virginity. The women in the photos were also now wearing a shirt, not a dress, and they only questioned those that were currently entangled in a romantic relationship. They then asked the participants how likely they would introduce their significant other (boyfriends or husbands) to the woman wearing red. The women stated they would be reluctant to do so .

Next time you are out, try to pay attention to women wearing the color red and see what your conclusion would be. Will a woman wearing the color red seem to be a woman of confidence and someone that wants to be seen? Would you be more likely to  guard your man from this woman? If you it’s wearing red, are you someone you think other women need to protect their men from?


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