Reasons to Try a Menstrual Cup

Reasons to Try a Menstrual Cup

As people are becoming more health conscious, environmentally conscious, and more conscious in general (hopefully), they’re looking to shake the status quo a little bit and try something new. For many, the menstrual cup is new. They’re small devices typically made of medical-grade silicone that you use like a tampon. Rather than absorbing your menstrual blood, it collects it and you wash it out and can reuse it for up to 10 years. The Diva Cup is a popular brand of menstrual cup. Does this seem like a great idea to you…or not? Read on to learn about some reasons you may want to consider using a menstrual cup.

They work better
Often women need to have a back-up plan when they wear a tampon. There’s not quite 100 percent confidence that everything will be okay down there. Menstrual cups do the job thoroughly. They use suction, forming a leak-proof seal…and you can wear them for up to 12 hours. You will need to adjust how often you empty your cup depending on your flow.

You’re loving the environment
Plus, you won’t have to purchase tampons every so often. In fact, you won’t have to purchase anything for that time of the month for a long time.  By switching to a menstrual cup you’re being more gentle to the environment. During her life, a woman contributes approximately 275-330 pounds of tampons or pads to landfills!

You become more familiar with your body
Media promotes secrecy with regard to feminine hygiene products, disguising pad wrappers to look like colorful butterflies and making tampons compact, with noise-free wrappers. It’s no wonder women often don’t feel comfortable being connected with their bodies. With menstrual cups, you are more in contact with your body and you understand how much you’re actually flowing, as it’s not absorbed.

They do not absorb natural moisture
Menstrual cups do not absorb your flow. They create a barrier between your menstrual flow and your body. We’ve all heard about the possible chance of getting toxic shock syndrome if a tampon is forgotten and left in too long. Well, there are no reported cases of toxic shock syndrome in cup users. Menstrual cups also let you keep the natural moisture of your vaginal walls, not absorbing it like tampons would.

Now that you’ve learned more about the menstrual cup and its positives, you might decide to try it out and benefit from it in several ways. If you’re worried about knowing how to insert a menstrual cup, clean it, etc., there is a wealth of information and tutorials available online as well as with the actual product you purchase. If you have any gynecological issues, you’d be better off speaking with your doctor before trying something different than your usual routine.


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