Exercises for Increasing Bedroom Fun

Exercises for Increasing Bedroom Fun

Regular exercise—we all need it!  We know it’s good for our hearts, our physique and our emotional well-being.  But, are we considering all of the benefits?  Perhaps not.  There are exercises that can increase our libido, too!  And what could be sexier to our partner than an obvious increase in sexual confidence?  A study conducted including 30,000 men over 50 found they had a 30 percent lower risk of erectile dysfunction if they exercised vigorously. Sounds great, right? Here are some types of exercise that can get you in the mood.

Aerobic exercise and cardiovascular training
Of course, when we have sex, our hearts race. Being in the moment so passionately might not bring as much awareness to that fact.  If we participate in athletic activities that get the heart going such as biking, swimming or even walking, we’re preparing ourselves for better times in bed.

Core strengthening
Try out some pilates exercises.  Learning how to notice our bodies in a very deliberate way can be very sexy.  This will be beneficial for pain relief and concentration in general if those are issues for you.  Notice the stamina, flexibility and your ability to feel more in the bedroom after some core strengthening.

Flexibility training
We’re able to respond to life, including our sexual life, more effectively when we’re flexible.  Take time to learn to stretch and hold certain positions.  When we stretch, we’re also relaxing and opening up ourselves.  Butterfly openers and pelvic lifts stretch out our hips and alert us to where our sexual needs in the body live.

Muscle strengthening
It’s important to have a strong body for amazing sex.  You can ‘go at it’ for a longer period of time and you’ll avoid becoming injured during or after sex.  You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to strengthen muscles.  Even some push-ups or sit-ups can be helpful.  Of course, if you have access to weights, that will definitely help.


All of these exercises are wonderful.  Maybe not as exciting as the exercise we experience during sex, but they will enhance the sexual experience, improve mood and our bodies…making sex that much better!



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