Do We Really Have a Sexual Peak?

Do We Really Have a Sexual Peak?

If you’re feeling extra sexy, confident and ready to go these days or in days that have passed, you might think this is because of a sexual peak.  You know, the defining time when you’re at your greatest sexual maturity, desire and ability.  Is it true?  Is the sexual peak real?

Many of us believe that men reach their sexual peak at age 18 and women reach theirs when they’re in their mid- 30’s.  Looking just at hormonal levels, the age of  “peaking” might seem somewhat correct. Men’s testosterone levels reach their highest around age 18 and women’s estrogen levels reach their top level around mid/late 20’s.  These are the ages when the body responds fastest to arousal, called the genital prime.  This is not the same as reaching a sexual peak or prime.

An individual’s sexual prime depends on the person.  There are several factors that come into play such as libido, trust towards the sexual partner, body confidence and being in tune with sexual desires.  So, even though we hear about sexual peaks on TV or other places in the media every now and again, the idea is old-fashioned.

With all of the above considered and the fact that our hormones fluctuate and relationships change, it’s also important to note that living a healthy lifestyle can have a profound impact on the sexual experience. A healthy diet, regular exercise and keeping toxins out of our body can influence how long our sexual peaks last.

Back when sexual peaks were first theorized, women often were not viewed as sexual beings.  Some sources say that women feel pressured to appear less experienced and more innocent; therefore, they take longer to embrace their sexuality.  There is still an assumption that is old-fashioned and needs to be put to rest–that women don’t have sex drives as high as men and are not as interested in sex.  Many women know this is not true at all.  Just, as you now know, a specific age for a sexual peak does not exist.



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